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Sunbeam 32.1 Sailboat

The award winning Sunbeam 32.1 Sailboat is a new type of sailing yacht that cannot be assigned to any previously existing segment. The result is an uncompromising daysailor whose interior and exterior are both highly contemporary in appearance, breaking with traditional yacht-building standards. A distinctive feature of the SUNBEAM 32.1 is the deck area which extends out laterally and over the bow. This has resulted in a larger area on the forecastle that can also be used when sailing and which offers space for relaxing and sunbathing. Furthermore, the cabin has been moved to the front of the boat, thereby creating more space in the cockpit and allowing for the addition of an extendable bathing platform, while the positioning of the motor at the stern adds more space below deck. The yacht’s interior has been designed in accordance with modern architectural standards with the aim of making life below deck as pleasant as on deck. The interior is open-plan and features elongated hull windows that allow plenty of light into the cabin and increase the field of vision. This means that guests below deck can enjoy the same feeling of sailing and the associated lightness as those on deck. watch the video below

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Few doubt that future vehicles will be powered by electricity, solving the pollution problem, especially in big cities. But the options currently on the market are expensive. This is the Twizy, an affordable urban vehicle designed by Renault, with only two seats - motorbike style, with a passenger sitting behind the driver - very small, light and agile, perfect for city use....
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Bowlus sells some of the most fashionable, opulently equipped travel trailers on the market, but they have never, ever been inexpensive. The California-based business this week unveiled a brand-new entry-level model called the Heritage Edition to help bring those pricing a little bit more in line with reality. The Bowlus Heritage Edition Camping Trailer offers an exceptional blend of style, luxury, and flexibility. With its compact size and lightw...
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Predator 6.6 Off-Road RV | Image

Predator 6.6 Off-Road RV

Hunter RMV is a Nevada company that builds Expedition Vehicles, their spectacular campers are in a class of their own and combine off-road and off-grid capabilities with with modern, home-like interiors. The spectacular Predator 6.6, is a five-person off-road RV, a repurposed Stewart & Stevenson M1078 4x4 light medium tactical vehicle (LMTV). LMTVs were previously used as soldier and cargo transports, but this beast was converted into one of the largest and most...
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