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Sunbeam 32.1 Sailboat

The award winning Sunbeam 32.1 Sailboat is a new type of sailing yacht that cannot be assigned to any previously existing segment. The result is an uncompromising daysailor whose interior and exterior are both highly contemporary in appearance, breaking with traditional yacht-building standards. A distinctive feature of the SUNBEAM 32.1 is the deck area which extends out laterally and over the bow. This has resulted in a larger area on the forecastle that can also be used when sailing and which offers space for relaxing and sunbathing. Furthermore, the cabin has been moved to the front of the boat, thereby creating more space in the cockpit and allowing for the addition of an extendable bathing platform, while the positioning of the motor at the stern adds more space below deck. The yacht’s interior has been designed in accordance with modern architectural standards with the aim of making life below deck as pleasant as on deck. The interior is open-plan and features elongated hull windows that allow plenty of light into the cabin and increase the field of vision. This means that guests below deck can enjoy the same feeling of sailing and the associated lightness as those on deck. watch the video below

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Fora Interior
Nixon Interior
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Nomus Glashutte
Floyd Interior
Porsche Safari RS | Image

Porsche Safari RS

An off-road Porsche! We love this, partially because its just cool looking and partially because it drives automotive purists up the wall. This spectacular 1986 Porsche 911 was transformed into an off-roading beast by famed Wisconsin racecar builder Kelly-Moss. The unique build started as an old, beat up, raced, and used up 911, it was fitted with knobby tires, a brush guard and a winch, a roof rack, front push bumper, big lights, a gorgeous carbon-fiber dash board,...
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The Sportsman Flyer Company started not as a business, but as a hobby. Pat Dolan has built and collected cars and bicycles for years and has always wanted to add a motorized bicycle to his collection. He decided to build one, so he developed a series of vintage style parts not available any else. Here we feature one of his creations, the stunning the Racer Model....
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This amazing motorboat was the graduation project of German designer Stephanie Behringer, supervised by the AUDI concept design in Munich. AUDI trimaran yacht integrates two Jet Skis, it was designed based on the trimarans (three hulls Boat), known for high performance with low friction, allowing for greater speed without sacrificing stability. The project is still at concept stage, but rumors say the yacht is to be launched soon. via Designboom...
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