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The James Brand Rowan Multitool

For those who value simplicity, The Rowan by The James Brand offers a straightforward solution for key-carry security. This minimalist keychain packs in a lot of features in a sleek, affordable package, not only is it a key manager, but it also integrates a bottle opener and ruler, adding a little extra utility to your daily routine. Whether you need to measure something small or enjoy a cold drink with friends, The Rowan has you covered. With a simple hook design with one-piece construction and no moving parts, this compact accessory is perfect for those looking for a minimal and efficient way to carry their keys and a few useful tools.

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Skydio R1 is a self-flying drone that can follow your car around, just like a big budget Hollywood movie. The fully autonomous flying camera is equipped with 13 cameras to see in all directions and map its environment in real time, allowing it to avoid obstacles from all angles at speed, while automatically following you. Skydio R1 can hit speeds of 25 miles per hour (40kph) along behind a car or other vehicle, capturing the action in 4K at 30 frames p...
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Obsbot Tail Air is the world´s first auto-director AI camera, ready to be your personal cameraman and director. This sleek camera empowers video creators with a range of exciting capabilities, thanks to its premium hardware, powerful app, and advanced algorithms. It takes shooting to the next level by using gesture controls and AI-powered features, eliminating the need for anyone to hold or operate it for you. Revolutionizing the world of live streaming ...
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Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Photo Printer | Image

Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Photo Printer

Polaroid has introduced a new mobile printer that turns your iPhone photos into stickers! Polaroid Hi-Print is a tiny pocket-sized photo printer that prints your photos in a moment without ink, using dye-sublimation technology. All you need to do is connect to it via Bluetooth, choose and customize your settings (with filters and text) in an accompanying iOS or Android app, and let it rip. It works with small cartridges, each cartridge has 20 2.1-inch by 3.4 inch (5...
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