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The James Brand Rowan Multitool

For those who value simplicity, The Rowan by The James Brand offers a straightforward solution for key-carry security. This minimalist keychain packs in a lot of features in a sleek, affordable package, not only is it a key manager, but it also integrates a bottle opener and ruler, adding a little extra utility to your daily routine. Whether you need to measure something small or enjoy a cold drink with friends, The Rowan has you covered. With a simple hook design with one-piece construction and no moving parts, this compact accessory is perfect for those looking for a minimal and efficient way to carry their keys and a few useful tools.

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Marshall have presented their first portable speaker - the Kilburn. The lightweight piece of vintage styled engineering features Marshall´s unmistakable look and sound, with a vintage-looking front fret, gold-colored metal details, and the iconic script logo, but this time around unplugs the chords. Its Bluetooth connectivity means you´ll be able stream music directly to your Kilburn with no wires attached, for up to 20 hours. Available now in black or white. L...
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360Fly is a revolutionary lifestyle video camera that lets you capture everything in 360°! The camera´s unique lens design captures every angle in full panorama without missing a moment.  The camera is also action ready, it features a rugged design, is waterproof(up to 5 meters) and weighs only 120g, making it perfect for mounting on a variety of different sports equipment, such as a helmet or a surfboard. watch the video...
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The REMOVU P1 is a device that allows GoPro users to enjoy the Wi-Fi live view capabilities while you are in action. It is the world´s first wearable Wi-Fi Live Viewer and Wireless Remote that works with the GoPro LCD Bacpac. It can control all functions remotely on the go with a single touch. The wireless remote with touch capability will allow you to have full control of the camera while you are in action, view what the GoPro sees without having to remove it from...
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