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Growatt Portable Power Station

Whether you need an emergency backup power source for your home or you’re planning a camping trip or road trip, the Growatt portable power station offers clean, efficient, and reliable power to run your devices. All Growatt portable power stations feature a fast-charging capability that takes less than an hour to charge from 0% to 80% via wall (AC outlets) input. Additionally, the power station supports solar charging and can pair with solar panels for even faster charging times. With up to 800W input, you can fully charge your device in as little as 2.5 hours. It comes with a range of output ports that enable you to connect and run several devices at the same time. The power station is designed with handles that allow you to carry it easily wherever and whenever you want. This makes it an ideal all-in-one power solution for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and road trips.

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This has to be the coolest mini speaker on the planet. Reaching its funding goal in half an hour, the Muzen Wild Mini Speaker has a rugged look and great sound quality for its size. The palm-sized Bluetooth speaker packs a built-in flashlight with three modes, is water-resistant, and can provide up to 6 hours of playtime at full volume on a single charge. The small size of the speaker allows you to clip it onto your backpack with the strap whilst it unleas...
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Celia & Perah DIY Bluetooth Speaker | Image

Celia & Perah DIY Bluetooth Speaker

Now that we are confined to our homes, we will have plenty of time to develop our DIY skills. Through the DIY process you can now build on your own a high-quality Bluetooth Radio with classic good looks and modern playability. Combining fun and functionality, this project lets you complete an outstanding speaker with extraordinary performance and precision. The Celia & Perah DIY Bluetooth Speaker contains everything you need to build your own speaker in less tha...
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This is a fun idea, who didn´t have one of these when growing up? To celebrate Etch a Sketch´s 50th birthday, the company is selling ipad cases resembling the famous toy that sold 150 million units worldwide. It not only makes your Ipad look diferent from all the rest, it protects it with impact resistant plastic. It also features rubber feet and a felt backing gently that cradles your iPad....
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