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Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool

Rollbe is a super compact measuring tool designed to measure just about anything. The stainless steel ruler easily fits in your pocket and can measure both straight and curved lines by rolling from point to point. Designed both in the Metric and the Imperial system, the little tool is available in two different sizes: 4 inch (10 cm) or 8 inch (20 cm). To use it, simply place the start mark on the starting point of the surface or line you want to measure then roll and count full rotations, then add remaining units. Each Rollbe features a brass handle for steady use, and comes a leather chain pouch. watch the video below

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iPen 2 is a stylus that lets you write directly on your iMac screen! iPen 2 turns your non-touch Apple Display into pen display and is compatible with every application in Mac OS and Windows. Depending on how you use it the device can be a stylus or a mouse control. Watch the video...
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LaCie 2big Dock | Image

LaCie 2big Dock

Lacie recently released this new storage option for those who have massive storage needs, especially designed for creative professionals that have to deal with big chunks of media. The French hardware company created the LaCie 2Big Dock with storage capacities from 8TB to 20TB, this will let you store more than 700 hours of 4K footage, just to get an idea. These models are PC and Apple compatible and also feature speedy use because they ensure a performance rate of ...
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The Riley Home Monitoring Robot is a new device developed to boost up security at the spot of your choice, this bot is able to run around on tank belts, and check its surroundings, recording both image with HD quality - and sound allowing you to keep an eye on whatever you want to. It even has night vision so it can work in the dark, and integrated microphone and speakers so you can tell intruders that the police have been called. All of the sound and image footag...
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