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Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool

Rollbe is a super compact measuring tool designed to measure just about anything. The stainless steel ruler easily fits in your pocket and can measure both straight and curved lines by rolling from point to point. Designed both in the Metric and the Imperial system, the little tool is available in two different sizes: 4 inch (10 cm) or 8 inch (20 cm). To use it, simply place the start mark on the starting point of the surface or line you want to measure then roll and count full rotations, then add remaining units. Each Rollbe features a brass handle for steady use, and comes a leather chain pouch. watch the video below

rollbe-compact-measuring-tool-2.jpg | Image

rollbe-compact-measuring-tool-4.jpg | Image

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rollbe-compact-measuring-tool-6.jpg | Image

Taylor Stitch
LEICA M9-P | Image


Leica M9-P is the new model of the Leica M line. What draws attention to the new camera is its vintage aesthetic, highlighted by classic details such as silver or glossy black finish and the vulcanite leatherette. It also omits the red-colored logo on the front, now with the classic signature on the top. The LCD made of sapphire crystal, is extremely tough, only a diamond can scratch it....
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Workouts can be tedious, specially if you´re on a cardio machine. Meet Goji Play, a gaming device that turns treadmills and exercise bikes into interactive gaming machines! Created by the same guys behind Guitar Hero, Goji Play combines wireless software and hardware to turn any cardio machine, into a lively, renewed and motivating exercise experience. Included are a Bluetooth activity tracker to record your movements(gives more power to your characters inside games...
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Rope jumping is considered by many as the best cardio workout around, yet it often takes a back seat to more advanced equipment. The Smart Rope by Tangram Factory takes it to the next level. Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data in mid-air, right before your eyes as you jump! Smart rope also syncs with an app, tracking your jump count, time elapsed, and calories burned, plus giving you fitness goals, training recommendations, and mo...
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