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LAYER x Samsung Battery Pack

This sleek and stylish battery pack challenges the norm. Designed by Benjamin Hubert, founder of LAYER and studio, this power pack boasts a unique and subtly organic form that resembles a natural object rather than a typical gadget. The LAYER x Samsung Battery Pack has a pebble-like finish that offers a satisfying tactile pleasure. Its clean and elegant design evokes soft stone-like forms, aligning perfectly with interior design aesthetics. The minimalist slab features a gently rounded shape with a flat end, making it easy to access its dual USB-C ports at a glance. LAYER has also added a standout touch to the battery pack by debossing a graphic typographic "10" on its surface. This large numeral indicates its impressive 10,000 mAh charging capacity, ensuring you can power your devices multiple times on a single charge.

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Spinner Drive is a new product by the clever design team of Mininch, the same guys that created the tremendously successful Tool Pen. The beautiful, functional and versatile screwdriver handles all kinds of repairs and incorporates adjustable torque, precision control, power tool compatibility, and sleek design all in an attractive package. The Spinner Drive is equipped with a bunch of neat features that include a ball bearing on the top of the handle, allowing user...
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This portable speaker is loud, portable, waterproof and rugged. Turtlebox is an outdoor portable speaker made for the elements, it boasts an impressive IP67 rating (can remain submerged at 1 meter for 30 minutes) and can bump out 120dB of clear distortion-free sound. Encased in a strong brick-patterned speaker cover, the rugged speaker also features a mic and AUX inputs, Bluetooth so you can pair two speakers for stereo to create surround sound, USB-C output to use ...
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