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LAYER x Samsung Battery Pack

This sleek and stylish battery pack challenges the norm. Designed by Benjamin Hubert, founder of LAYER and studio, this power pack boasts a unique and subtly organic form that resembles a natural object rather than a typical gadget. The LAYER x Samsung Battery Pack has a pebble-like finish that offers a satisfying tactile pleasure. Its clean and elegant design evokes soft stone-like forms, aligning perfectly with interior design aesthetics. The minimalist slab features a gently rounded shape with a flat end, making it easy to access its dual USB-C ports at a glance. LAYER has also added a standout touch to the battery pack by debossing a graphic typographic "10" on its surface. This large numeral indicates its impressive 10,000 mAh charging capacity, ensuring you can power your devices multiple times on a single charge.

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Blockhead Side-Facing Plug | Image

Blockhead Side-Facing Plug

All Apple fiends have to acknowledge that every once in a while there are some features on Apple devices that become annoying and we start to wonder: "Did they really think this through?”…in this case it´s something that MacBook users sometimes complain about: why are the Apple chargers so bulky? Especially when you have to micromanage your home or office space and layout. So, in order to get your Apple laptop charging and not getting the charger sticking out o...
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Grain Video-Coloring App | Image

Grain Video-Coloring App

Moment have added a new app for iPhone and iPad. Grain lets you make pro-grade video presets in minutes, and lets you take your handcrafted presets to other apps. It features powerful tools to grade your footage and a killer library of effects, looks, and overlays. It is as simple as editing a photo, using your fingers to dial in the texture, color, grain, light leaks, borders, and overlays you want. You can then import, create, and export right back into your favor...
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The Absolute Cycling One is being dubbed as the smartest cycling computer in the world. The sleek device enhances the capabilities of riders when commuting in urban areas or heading off the beaten path. With impeccable navigation, great detail accuracy and an easy-to-use interface, it offers a wide range of essential functions to get the most out of your bike outings. It uses something called Absolute Positioning Technology for real-time location tracking accuracy a...
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