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Code Folio For Ipad | By Hex

Hex introduced the Code Folio for iPad, a stylish case with a moleskin feel to it. The case features a slim design and offers the user multiple viewing angles. It also features some handy pockets, card slots and a pen holder. The case is available now for pre-order and should be available by April.

hex-ipad-code-folio-2.jpg | Image

hex-ipad-code-folio-3.jpg | Image

hex-ipad-code-folio-4.jpg | Image

hex-ipad-code-folio-5.jpg | Image

Nomos Glashutte Interior
Huckberry Interior
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This unique mechanical gaming keyboard is inspired by the modified all-carbon Lamborghini Aventador - the MANSORY Carbonado, also known as the "Black Diamond" supercar. Crafted with carbon fiber and premium materials, this keyboard features a unique shape and durability akin to a supercar chassis. The Black Diamond 75 boasts a leaf spring mount for unparalleled typing comfort and stability, available in Black and Silver switch variants. With support for...
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This useful tool will make fire starting a piece of cake. This fire-starting kit features a KeroDry paraffin-wax infused hemp wick that acts like an extended matchstick. Simply fluff out the end and get some sparks from a ferro rod, and maneuver your flame wherever the heck you want it. It is like a matchstick, but it will burn for an hour. You can use the aluminum sleeve to hold it for protection from the flame, and then to snuff out the flame after use. You can ev...
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ouTask Telescopic Lantern | Image

ouTask Telescopic Lantern

The ingenious ouTask Telescopic Lantern is a folding tripod telescopic light that extends into a 1-meter tall light to brighten a larger viewing area. This ideal solution for campers and outdoor adventurers condenses super-powerful three-dimensional lighting capabilities into a compact, portable body. The lightweight telescopic light can be used to provide a variety of different lighting, you can use it as a flashlight, and its tripod stand folds into a desktop lamp...
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