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Rabbit R1 AI Assistant

Unveiled at CES, the Rabbit R1 quickly captured attention, selling out its initial 10,000 units within 24 hours of launch. Rabbit R1 is a pocket-sized personal assistant that is causing a stir in the tech world. Developed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, this bright orange pocket-friendly AI assistant functions as a personalized operating system, responding to voice commands to carry out tasks seamlessly. 

With a push-to-talk button reminiscent of a walkie-talkie, users can utilize predefined scripts, known as "rabbits," to manage their apps without reaching for their smartphones. The 2.88-inch touchscreen is navigated using an analog scroll wheel, while a 360-degree rotating camera allows for capturing photos from any angle.

If you missed the first batch, don't worry. The Rabbit R1 is available for pre-order, with the second batch expected to ship as early as April. 

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rabbit-r1-ai-assistant-3.jpg | Image

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