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Leica SOFORT 2 Instant Camera

Leica has unveiled its second-generation instant camera, the Leica SOFORT 2, offering a hybrid design that allows users to choose photos before printing. This Instant Mini-compatible camera provides the flexibility to print from saved photos on the camera, a smartphone, or images stored in the Leica FOTOS App gallery, offering a blend of modern convenience and classic instant photography. The camera boasts various features, including a manual printing lever, a dedicated selfie button, wide-angle landscape and macro modes, 10 lens effects, and 10 film effects.

The Leica SOFORT 2 combines digital and analog photography seamlessly, with a 4.9-MP CMOS image sensor and a Leica Summar 1:2/2.4 lens. It features a 3-inch rear monitor, built-in flash, and an internal Li-ion battery capable of handling around 100 instant photos per charge. The Leica SOFORT 2 is available in black, white, and red and can be purchased from Leica stores and the Leica website starting from November 9.

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Following the great success of the Magic Charger and the Magic Bar, Mobee continues to innovate and develop green technology products. They have presented the Magic Numpad, it easily transforms your Magic Apple Trackpad into a customizable numeric keypad. Simply apply one of the 3 films to the Apple Magic Trackpad, install the free application, and you have a trackpad and a numeric keypad in a single device....
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