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Nuwa Pen

Nuwa Pen is a smart AI-powered ballpoint pen that uses real ink cartridges and converts handwriting to an exact digital copy ensuring your creations are stored, organized, and accessible through the Nuwa Pen app. Featuring built-in cameras, motion sensors, and advanced algorithms, this smart pen effortlessly converts your handwritten notes into precise digital copies across all your devices. 

Revel in the creative freedom of pen and paper, enjoying distraction-free writing, seamless syncing, and organization across numerous apps and platforms. Unlike digital pens, the Nuwa Pen utilizes regular ink cartridges, delivering a familiar and accurate writing experience. 

With groundbreaking camera technology, advanced algorithms, and AI capabilities, every stroke on paper is captured, ensuring your creations are securely stored and easily accessible through the Nuwa Pen app. Boasting 2 hours of continuous writing and a quick 15-minute recharge, the Nuwa Pen perfectly marries tradition and technology for an enhanced note-taking experience. Watch the video below

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Adobe Fresco is a new drawing and painting app built from the ground-up for the iPad. Aimed at professional artists, the app is intended to give them access to a wide range of tools outside their desktop. The app combines raster, vector and dynamic brushes in a single app, and allow artists to sync their brushes in Photoshop CC. Paint with watercolors and oils that blossom, blend, smear, and smudge just like the real thing. Work with infinitely scalable vector brush...
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The new SwitchBot Universal Remote is the latest innovation in smart home control. This versatile device goes beyond managing your home entertainment center, extending its reach to a variety of smart home gadgets. Equipped with support for Bluetooth and Matter, it operates devices seamlessly without needing a smartphone. Designed to simplify your life, the SwitchBot Universal Remote can handle over 83,934 remote control models via infrared, with ...
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Lovers of the so-called "selfie” craze rejoice! GoCam is a new app that let´s you take hands-free selfies. Developed by Swedish tech startup Crunchfish the innovative iOS app lets users trigger photos or videos from a distance with simple gestures to control your smartphone camera. Photos and videos can be triggered from a distance of up to 3m (10ft), and can then be edited on the included high quality filters and editing tools, and easily shared on social networ...
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