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DJI Avata 2 Drone

Introducing the DJI Avata 2 Drone, designed for an immersive FPV experience with upgraded imaging, safety, and battery life. The Avata 2 is optimized to work seamlessly with the new DJI Goggles 3 and DJI RC Motion 3. The Goggles 3 features high-definition displays and ultra-low-latency transmission, ensuring both safety and immersion. Meanwhile, the RC Motion 3 enables pilots to execute breathtaking aerial manoeuvres with ease. Equipped with an upgraded 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor and an ultra-wide-angle lens, it captures aerial photography and HDR videography at up to 4k/60fps, as well as slow-motion footage at 2.7K/100fps. Safety features include propeller guards and automatic Return to Home. With a flight time of 23 minutes and fast charging, it ensures extended flight sessions. Watch the video below.

Grab one directly from DJI, or from Amazon

dji-avata-2-drone-2.jpg | Image

dji-avata-2-drone-3.jpg | Image

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Tropicfeel Interior
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How common is it to get your cables tangled when charging your iphone, with the new device from Bluelounge called MiniDock, this no longer happens. It is a small dock that is compatible with the iPhone adapter with an USB output. The MiniDock is the latest of the wire-free products from innovative brand Bluelounge, all designed specifically for easy charging of the iPhone, either while traveling or at home. The compatibility of these devices with electrical plugs va...
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The good-looking Pixii Rangefinder Camera is a new model developed by a French start up company that aims to stir things up a bit in the photo segment; They aim to simplify the whole process of taking photos. Their goal is to offer a high a quality camera, that uses a reasonable 0,67x optical viewfinder, LED-backlit frames, a 12-bit sampling rate, a CMOS sensor, a high dynamic range plus an interesting expandable ISO from 100-6400. One of its coolest features is the...
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OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 Underwater Camera | Image

OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 Underwater Camera

The all-new OM System Tough TG-7 Underwater Camera is your perfect companion for outdoor adventures. With a 12MP BSI CMOS sensor and TruePic VIII image processor, it excels in both photography and video, even in low light, thanks to its f/2 aperture and ISO up to 12,800. The TG-7 maintains its rugged build, ready to conquer mountains, explore the wilderness, or dive 50 feet underwater. New features include vertical video support, interval shooting, exposure s...
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