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Noke Bluetooth Padlock

Noke Padlock is an interesting proposal for those of us who need to keep stuff safe. Whether itīs your bike, your gym locker or your backyard gate, Noke Padlock does keep them safe but adds so much more to the conventional lock. First of all you can unlock it with the smart app that comes with it, available for IOS, Android and Windows phone, through Bluetooth, if you ever run out of juice on your smartphone, no worries, you can open Noke Padlock with a series of previously programmed quick click access through taps on its surface. You also get a GPS tracker that lets you see its location and movement history. Featuring a heavy duty battery, that can last around a year with regular use, Noke Padlock is also a nicely built item, tough yet beautifully designed, with a minimal and solid look.

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Designed exclusively for MacBook, BassJump is a sweet, one-of-a-kind, go any, USB-powered subwoofer that turns your MacBook into a mini sound system. One single USB cable delivers power and sound. Custom software blends the music  coming out of your built-in speakers with the sound output of the BassJump for dramatically enhanced audio performance. ...
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Samsung have introduced a wide monitor that takes up almost no space, with no messy cables, making it perfect for tiny offices. The Samsung Space Monitor enhances work efficiency by increasing useable desk space, making it a good fit into places where space is limited. The fittingly-titled Space Monitor has an integrated arm that can be clamped to the desk, and lets you lean the monitor against the wall or place it directly onto your desk. A special cable management...
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Satechi Type-C Card Reader | Image

Satechi Type-C Card Reader

Photographers rejoice, experience blazing-fast data transfer speeds with this slim aluminum adapter. Satechi have introduced a new Type-C Card Reader that blends beautifully into your new MacBook, giving you the perfect solution for accessing your SD and Micro SD cards. With the new MacBook, comes the single USB port, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your memory cards. This slim solution to Appleīs oversight, turns its single USB-C port into a Type-C Ca...
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