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Kube Speaker & Cooler

This summer get the party started with Kube, a sleek device that keeps your beer cold and blasts music! The Kube is a powerful outdoor speaker that doubles as a cooler capable of holding 37 quarts (enough for 16 bottles of wine), 30 LPs, or any gear you want protected from sun, rain or sand. The wireless audio system sounds like nothing else, it packs a 350-watt digital amplifier that can turn out volumes up to 122 dB, dishing out 360-degree of incredible sound and radiating bass with low distortion levels. That is powerful enough to give it a range of 500 feet in any direction! As for battery life, you get 50 hours of playback time at medium volume, or up to 10 hours at maximum volume. There is also onboard Wi-Fi, and a built-in USB 2.0 port to charge your mobile devices as well. In other words, Kube is a portable party.

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The world´s largest drone manufacturer, DJI, have just announced a different kind of product. Say hello to the DJI Osmo, a Handheld 12MP/4K camera with a brushless gimbal (designed to keep the camera flat no matter how you move it), for gorgeous, silky-smooth cinematic shots. The handheld device features an integrated 4K camera with a 1/2.3-inch sensor and a 94-degree field-of-view lens, plus a three-axis stabilizer. The iPhone mounts onto the side of the gimbals´...
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Boldr is creating the future of home heating with Kelvin, a heater crafted to keep you comfortable, whilst saving you money on energy bills. The sleek, minimalist infrared heater doubles as home decor...
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