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Gutsy Fish Processing Tool

Being able to sustainably eat fish you have caught yourself is one of fishings great joys, there is nothing like the taste of fresh caught fish when it is properly cleaned and prepared. But preparing your catch for the grill is no easy task, to give you a helping hand, Gerber have introduced the Gutsy Fish Processing Tool, an on-the-go solution that combines the functions of three different fish processing tools that will help you prepare your catch as efficiently as possible. It includes a scaler, gutting hook, scooper and bottle opener for the celebratory beer at the end of a long day. watch the video below

gutsy-fish-processing-tool-2.jpg | Image

gutsy-fish-processing-tool-3.jpg | Image

gutsy-fish-processing-tool-4.jpg | Image

Thom Sweeney Interior
Tropicfeel Interior
Johann Wolff Interior
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London Sock Interior
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Fujifilm GFX50S II | Image

Fujifilm GFX50S II

Fujifilm has introduced its most affordable medium format camera to date. The Fujifilm GFX50S II offers the perfect mix of accessibility and flexibility with professional features. The easy-to-use digital medium format camera boasts an extensive range of features, it packs a 51.4 MP sensor, a weather-resistant construction, an incredibly accurate autofocus system, in-body image stabilization that provides up to 6.5 stops stability for complete handheld freedom, and ...
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Prizm is a unique music player that has a special learning algorithm that continuously learns your music taste and refines what it chooses to play, plus it also adjusts what it plays to the time of day, so it may wake you up to some pop music, set up some zen tunes for when you reach home from work and pump up some electro vibes for your Saturday night dancing sessions should you have some friends over. It also has a way to detect if there’s someone else with a di...
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Bit Bar II Screwdriver | Image

Bit Bar II Screwdriver

The all-new Bit Bar II Screwdriver is the ultimate pocket-friendly solution for all your everyday tasks. This innovative tool combines the functionality of a screwdriver with the convenience of an entire bit set, all in a compact design that fits comfortably in your pocket. Crafted from solid Grade 5 Titanium, the Bit Bar II exudes strength and durability in a little package. It comes with eight 1/4-inch hex bit storage, giving you access to eight probl...
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