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Earin A-3 Earbuds

Meet the smallest wireless earbuds in the world. Swedish company Earin have introduced the tiny A-3, a pair of true wireless earbuds with an open design and no ear tips. The result is a much more comfortable listening experience, the earphones sit in the bowl of the user´s ear rather than using a silicone ear tip that pushes right into the ear canal. This also means that they tuck in somewhat discretely rather than stick out from the sides of your head. They also boast custom 14.3-mm dynamic drivers, an intuitive touch interface on the earbud to quickly answer calls or play music, sweat, water and dust resistance, and an adaptive algorithm that monitors and removes background noise in real-time. They also have up to five hours of playback per charge, or a total of 30 hours when using the aluminum charging case. Another cool feature is the fact they have no designated "right" or "left" earbud making it easy to pull them out of the charging case and start using.

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Lomography announced the Konstruktor, the World’s first Do-It-Yourself 35mm SLR! The camera comes in a cardboard box with all the components and a simple guide to take you through all the steps in building the camera. You´ll learn, understand and experience how analogue photography works. If you were a fan of building model airplanes as a kid, you’re going to love this camera kit. watch the video (thanks Antonio)...
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Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Headphones | Image

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins´ flagship headphone, the popular P7 has gone wireless! Its fair to say, they might be a little late but, then again, there´s always room for high standard products. The P7 wireless is beautifully made, with metal aluminium parts, which make them light yet strong, able to endure long term use. The memory foam around the audio set is covered in soft luxurious sheep leather making them super comfortable to wear wile maintaining an effective soft ...
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Outex is a protective housing for your camera that won´t break the bank. The rugged, waterproof and flexible casing is made of high-quality, extremely strong latex and features a lightweight and malleable design, maintaining photo integrity and tactile controls. Outex works with most SLR cameras by major manufacturers....
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