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Logitech Harmony Express Remote

Logitech´s popular universal remote gets updated with Amazon’s Alexa built-in. The new Logitech Harmony Express Remote lets you control all your home devices and with Alexa, you can ask to launch streaming apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and HBO GO, go straight to your favorite channels, and find out when your team is playing. You can also operate your smart home devices, turn up the heat or turn down the lights, set reminders, open your favorite apps, and much much more. The companion app makes configuration a breeze, and the remote finder function will ring the device should it disappear into your couches Bermuda Triangle. watch the video below

logitech-harmony-express-remote-2.jpg | Image

logitech-harmony-express-remote-3.jpg | Image

logitech-harmony-express-remote-4.jpg | Image

logitech-harmony-express-remote-5.jpg | Image

Thom Sweeney Interior
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There are plenty of lightning cables to choose from, but they all have three common problems, they are too short, tangle easily, and fall apart quickly. Meet Mamba Cable, an extra-long 10 foot lightning cable made from the strongest, tangle free, braided nylon. The premium charging cable is encased in a thick braided fabric which makes the cable tangle resistant and extremely durable preventing wear and tear, and is fitted with aerospace grade aluminum connectors on...
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Minimis are groundbreaking smart glasses designed for athletes, bringing a heads-up display (HUD) experience without the need for a phone or smartwatch. Engineered with precision for fitness enthusiasts, Minimis Glass weighs a mere 90 grams and boasts eSIM connectivity, eliminating the need for additional devices. These glasses are tailor-made to capture workout data and even link to your Spotify account via Bluetooth for seamless music playback. Featuring an ...
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MNL MK-I Premium Film Camera | Image

MNL MK-I Premium Film Camera

The MNL MK-I Premium Film Camera is an exceptional creation from Acasso, a studio of industrial design and engineering. The analog camera, designed for Manual NYC, features an advanced and fashionable design that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with film photography functionality. The body of the camera is crafted from anodized aluminum and includes a comfortable matte silicone grip that provides ergonomic support. Additionally, the camera boasts a fixed Carl Ze...
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