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Ricoh GR III Diary Edition

Ricoh has rolled out a sparkling new version of its popular GR camera. Finished in an exclusive metallic warm-grey finish, the new APS-C point-and-shoot camera was previously available only as part of a special limited kit, but now it can be purchased separately. The RICOH GR III Diary Edition comes with a warm-gray finished body that is accented with a natural-silver ring cap, providing a distinctive look that can easily blend into daily life. This camera features a 24MP APS-C sensor, an 18.3mm F2.8 lens, ISO sensitivity up to 102400, 3-axis image stabilization, and 6 element lens construction. It also includes built-in Smartphone integration, allowing for wireless image transfers to your Android or iOS device. Additionally, the camera features a new image-control mode that recreates the unique visual effects found in prints produced using negative film.

ricoh-gr-iii-diary-edition-2.jpg | Image

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Nixon Interior
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Neo Smartpen N2 is a new pen that literally turns whatever you write or draw by hand into a digital text or support. You can even save them after on PDF! You can store up to a 1000 pages on this smartpen and sync them later on to your device, mobile phone, laptop or tablet. It also quickly syncs with your Evernote account. It also features a small microphone and voice recorder so you can use it as a voice memo whenever you get a thought or idea worth recording, it e...
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Alto´s Adventure is a new snowboarding game by Snowman. It features really nice graphics and a soothing music that goes with it, making you always want to come back for more. It´s an engaging game, with a very beautiful and minimalist atmosphere, with real weather effects, such as thunderstorms, blizzards, fog and rainbows. It´s easy to start to play but with some difficulty to master, so you won´t get tired of it. Also featuring great moves and combo effects to...
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Fujifilm X100V | Image

Fujifilm X100V

Fujifilm have introduced the gorgeous new X100V, a major update to the popular Fuji X100-series cameras, offering a combination of advanced features, a new lens, and an improved hybrid viewfinder. Pretty much the same size as the predecessor, the X100V has a new 26MP X-Trans sensor and image processor, an updated 35mm-equivalent F2 lens (redesigned to improve close-up and corner performance), an updated hybrid optical-and-electronic viewfinder, improved battery life...
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