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Apple Vision Pro Headset

Here it is folks, the new Apple Vision Pro Headset is a game-changer in the realm of AR and VR. This spatial computing device blends augmented and virtual reality, offering an immersive experience. With micro-OLED screens, advanced lenses, and spatial audio, the Vision Pro delivers stunning visuals and audio. Its powered by an M2 processor and R1 chip, processing information from 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones instantly. The headset supports eye tracking, hand tracking, and voice recognition for easy control. It wirelessly connects to Mac devices and has its own App Store. The Vision Pro doubles as a 3D camera and features an outward-facing curved OLED for enhanced visibility. Whether for work or entertainment, this headset is set to transform content consumption. The Apple Vision Pro will be released in the US early next year for $3,499. watch the video below

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Garmin Speak is a new driving assistant, it features a GPS that will get you everywhere you need to go, on a small screen, with big comprehensive imagery and spoken instructions. But what really sets it apart and makes it interesting is the fact that it gets you in contact with Amazon’s assistant Alexa thus enabling you to use it in a much more diverse and rich way. Its technical specs enable it to integrate with your car´s stereo so you may listen to your favori...
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The popular game console PlayStation 3, also known as PS3, achieved it´s status while maintaining it´s appearance in sober black. But, someone realized it was time to make it look a little more attractive and cheerful, giving it new colors. Those responsible for this metamorphosis were Colorware, a U.S. company that has distinguished itself in the market just by changing the original color of some technological products. On the Colorware website it is possible to ...
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Nomad 65W Slim Power Adapter | Image

Nomad 65W Slim Power Adapter

Nomad, the well-known maker of Apple accessories, has introduced a new era in charging with its 65W Slim Power Adapter. This powerful adapter is designed with advanced GaN (gallium nitride) technology, setting the standard for slim and efficient charging solutions. The Nomad 65W Slim Power Adapter is incredibly slim and compact, making it perfect for your charging needs both at home and on the go. It is designed to declutter your charging setup with its sleek...
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