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Pentax 17 Camera

Pentax reenters the film photography scene with the all-new Pentax 17, a half-frame camera that captures two 17mm x 24mm photos on a single 35mm frame. This compact camera merges classic charm with modern innovation, offering manual controls for a personalized shooting experience.

Key features include a zone focus system, manual film winding, and dedicated dials for exposure and ISO adjustments. The new 25mm F3.5 lens, equivalent to 37mm in 35mm format, comes with an HD coating for enhanced clarity and sharpness. The Albada-type optical viewfinder and seven shooting modes ensure versatility.

The Pentax 17 has a magnesium body that provides durability while keeping it lightweight. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned photographers, it offers the unique quality of film with modern reliability. Enjoy double the photos per roll and a design inspired by 60s and 70s British cafe racers, making every shot a nostalgic experience.

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The Liquor Cabinet is a new app that not only organizes cocktails by liquor, skill level and flavor profile, it emphasizes the story behind each drink. The beautifully designed app has a sleek interface, stunning photography, is easy to navigate (allowing users to easily discover new cocktails), and makes it very easy to share recipes with friends. The tasting notes and history component of each liquor (variety and brand) are a great touch, as is the section that ex...
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The Ipad´s digital on-screen keyboard is a great advance in technology, but sometimes can leave something to be desired, especially if you have to write a long text. With that in mind "Zagg" have created the "Zaggmate keyboard", not only is it a portable keyboard but also a very sleek protective case. It has a very nice chrome Ipad-like finish to it. Check out the video....
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Tini1 Astronomy Camera has just landed on the market and it has made quite an impact, it´s the tiniest camera there is designed and developed to photograph the stars in the sky above us, but its greatest feature, along with the high quality lenses it comes with, is its specially developed software that enables you to locate and see exactly what you´re looking for with the guidance assistance system and Interactive Star Map. In fact, just point it at the sky, type ...
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