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Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design are back with a new revolutionary product that is taking Kickstarter by storm. After 4 years in the making, the Travel Tripod, a full-featured tripod in a truly portable form, is now available for pre-order. The team redesigned the tripod from the ground up to eliminate dead space and minimize packed-down size, the result is a camera tripod that seamlessly integrates into all aspects of travel and adventure. They claim, it is the most volumetrically efficient tripod ever made, it measures just 15.5 inches when closed, but when full-sized fully extended, reaches 60 inches at its highest point. Peak Design also developed a system of non-inverted legs that rapidly deploy with three swift hand movements. Other features include a fully articulating ball head, a single ring for simple and smooth 360 degree adjustment, a mobile mount for your smartphone, and Peak Design’s proprietary quick-release plate technology for lightning-fast camera attachment. Available in either aluminum or carbon fiber, this is a must-have piece of gear for traveling photographers. watch the video below

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Huckberry Interior


Palette is a dream come true for photographers and other creative professionals, it lets you take photo editing to the next level. The modular system lets you build your own tactile controller with magnetically connected dials and buttons made to fit your needs, providing a faster, more intuitive and precise editing experience. Palette lets you create your unique layout, drastically improving your creative workflow, giving you customizable, hands-on control over you...
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Statistics say that 70% of all TVs sit on furniture, with this in mind Sonos have introduced the Playbase, a multi-speaker sound system that your TV sits on. The slim, low profile speaker uses ten amplified internal drivers–six midrange, three tweeters, and one woofer to add dynamic, pulse-pounding sound to your TV, filling your entire room with epic home theater audio. It also serves as a streaming music player, just like the rest of the Sonos family. Available in ...
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Garmin Speak is a new driving assistant, it features a GPS that will get you everywhere you need to go, on a small screen, with big comprehensive imagery and spoken instructions. But what really sets it apart and makes it interesting is the fact that it gets you in contact with Amazon’s assistant Alexa thus enabling you to use it in a much more diverse and rich way. Its technical specs enable it to integrate with your car´s stereo so you may listen to your favorite ...
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