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Peak Design Micro Clutch

The Peak Design Micro Clutch is a game-changer in the world of photography. This hand strap, designed specifically for mirrorless cameras, offers unrivaled security, stability, and comfort in a sleek, compact package. With its adjustable Hypalon strap and microfiber hand pad, the Micro Clutch ensures a comfortable grip during extended shooting sessions. Its axial strap attachment and machined aluminum base plate provide a secure connection to your camera, while the included Anchors allow for easy detachment and access to battery packs. Compatible with most camera models, the Micro Clutch´s design leaves essential controls and the shutter button unobstructed. Plus, it comes with a tripod plate that works with both Peak Design and Arca models. watch the video below

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From IK Multimedia comes this new digital stereo microphone that allows you to record with high quality the sound that´s surrounding you using your iPhone or iPad. Designed for either audio or video applications, you can be sure that this mic will get the sound you hear, and want to hear after recording. Using the app that comes with it, iRig Mic Field is the easiest way to record, edit and process professional sound using an Apple device. It´s light and pocket si...
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Genius! ZNAPS is a tiny magnetic charging adapter for mobile devices, its a simple small idea with a great impact, it prevents frayed charging cables, tripping over cables, fiddling to plug in cable in the dark, water damage through charging outlet, and more! Simply plug the specialized micro-connector into your phone, place the included adapter on the Micro-USB/Lightning connector head and magnetically connect to start charging! With just one touch, you can instant...
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Marshall Generation III Home Speakers | Image

Marshall Generation III Home Speakers

Marshall has updated all three of its home speakers: the Acton III ($279), Stanmore III ($379) and Woburn III ($579). The re-engineered home speakers now come with an even wider soundstage than their predecessors thanks to new tweeters that are now angled outwards and updated waveguides. Dynamic Loudness allows the three devices to adjust for consistent tonal balance, while an updated Bluetooth 5.2 keeps them future-proof, especially with over-the-air software updat...
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