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Obsbot Tail Air Personal Cameraman

Obsbot Tail Air is the world´s first auto-director AI camera, ready to be your personal cameraman and director. This sleek camera empowers video creators with a range of exciting capabilities, thanks to its premium hardware, powerful app, and advanced algorithms. It takes shooting to the next level by using gesture controls and AI-powered features, eliminating the need for anyone to hold or operate it for you.

Revolutionizing the world of live streaming and content creation, this powerful camera comes with 4K ultra-clear image quality, ensuring that every frame is a masterpiece, whether you are streaming at 4K/30fps or 1080P/60fps. It excels at video rendering, thanks to custom technologies designed for optimal performance.

But, what truly sets the Obsbot Tail Air apart is its AI prowess. It features AI Auto Tracking for humans, animals, and objects, guaranteeing that your subjects remain in focus no matter where they move. A1 Director Crids simplify content directing, while Gesture Control 2.0 adds elegance and convenience to remote activation.

The camera´s exceptional optical craft, including an 8-piece prime lens and a large 1/1.8-inch ultra-sensitive CMOS, lies at the heart of its superior performance. These components work seamlessly to capture authentic and vibrant moments, delivering an immersive experience for your audience. watch the video below

obsbot-tail-air-personal-cameraman-2.jpeg | Image

obsbot-tail-air-personal-cameraman-3.jpeg | Image

obsbot-tail-air-personal-cameraman-4.jpeg | Image

obsbot-tail-air-personal-cameraman-5.jpeg | Image

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Gamevice iPhone Controller | Image

Gamevice iPhone Controller

The new Gamevice iPhone Controller aims to help the game addicted crowd to take their iPhone to a whole new control level while playing. Available for iPhone 6/6s, Plus models included, it’s a gadget that you mount on both ends, providing two analog joysticks, the ABXY fire buttons, triggers on both sides, plus the mandatory D-pad. It also features a battery that lets you charge your device while playing the games of your choice, it´s also rubber built so you get...
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Bose has presented the SoundLink Wireless, a wireless speaker used via the Bluetooth connection of any device, be it an iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, laptop or tablet. Bose SoundLink can be up to 10 m of its signal transmitting unit. Using rechargeable batteries, the Bose SoundLink can play up to 8 hours uninterrupted. The SoundLink Mobile is similar in size to a book, it´s relatively light and has a retro cover of leather or nylon. Compact and lightweight, Bo...
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After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Tuna Knobs are now available for purchase. The absence of knobs to fiddle makes it hard to mix on imprecise touchscreens, and lack of tactile feedback often results in messy and imprecise mixes. These small conductive dials aim to change that, they attach to any touchscreen allowing more precise control on your mixes, letting you control DJ and music making apps like you would with dedicated music hardware. Tuna knobs work wi...
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