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ShiftCam ProGrip

The ShiftCam ProGrip revolutionizes mobile photography, providing users with a camera-like experience and the ultimate accessory for capturing stunning photos and videos with their iPhone. Designed for comfort and stability, this ergonomic battery grip bridges the gap between traditional cameras and mobile devices.

One standout feature of the ProGrip is the wireless shutter button, seamlessly integrated with your phones camera app. No additional software is needed, allowing you to effortlessly capture shots without any hassle.

To ensure uninterrupted shooting, the ProGrip features a built-in power bank with fast 15W Qi wireless charging. This means you can keep your phone powered up throughout the day and even charge a second device simultaneously via a cable.

With a rotating phone mount and dock, you can effortlessly switch between landscape and portrait modes without changing your grip. It also doubles as a convenient tabletop stand for reviewing your shots and footage.

The ProGrip is compatible with all smartphones, including the iPhone 14 Series, and works seamlessly with ShiftCam ProLenses. It even offers additional flexibility with a cold shoe mount and a 1/4" tripod connector, allowing you to attach LED lights, microphones, and more.

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VSSL Essentials Collection

With the temperature rising and summer travel booming, VSSL has you covered with their new Essentials Collection launch for your next adventure. Whether you are an outdoor fanatic or looking to try a new activity this spring, the Essentials Collection allows you to stay prepared for any situation that may arise. The collection includes four multi-use gear kits and tools in VSSLs standard waterproof, indestructible aluminum vessels. You can choose from four practic...
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”Sitting is the smoking of our generation"…Sitting down for extended periods is a bad thing for our health, but what if our desk could make us more active during work hours? Meet Stir, the world´s first smart, connected desk. Stir Kinetic Desk will manage your health throughout your working day, it features a built-in touchscreen letting you easily double-tap to elevate the work surface making you stand, it also learns when it’s best to remind you to stand. S...
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Recently, when surfing the web we found this stylish iPad case. The case is hand stitched in wax and oil leather, making it  durable and water repellent. It fits both old and new generation iPads. It was designed by Aixa Sobin, she is a self taught leather smith, she hand sews/cuts every product from her home studio. Check out her online shop on Etsy for more stylish and original leather products....
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