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Seam Camera Straps

Seam Strap offers handmade camera straps with a vintage look and high-quality materials. The unique straps are designed to give your camera a unique style while ensuring durability, and each one undergoes a special treatment process for enhanced longevity. Their leather straps feature smoothed edges and are sealed with leather wax, whilst their camera ropes are made from polypropylene or nylon, providing stability and abrasion resistance. Whether for street photography or other genres, thier eye-catching straps are suitable for both analog and DSLR cameras.

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TarDisk seamlessly integrates into your MacBook, doubling or tripling your onboard HD with blazing fast flash storage! The secure, tool-free upgrade fits into your MacBooks SD slot, instantly boosting your storage capacity. Simple and powerful, TarDisk is precision cut from a block of aluminum alloy and seamlessly integrates into your MacBook, it is waterproof, shockproof and nearly indestructible, keeping your files safe like never before. watch the video  ...
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The new Hoto Precision Screwdriver Kit Pro is a compact and versatile tool kit for precise repairs and crafting. With its clamshell workstation, dual torque screwdriver, and circular LED light, this kit provides convenience and clarity for your projects and repairs. The snap-on magnetic bit installation ensures quick changes, while the aluminum case offers durability and easy handling. With 48 premium accessories, including tough S2 steel bits, it caters to all your...
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Dango iPhone Adapt Case | Image

Dango iPhone Adapt Case

This rugged iPhone case strikes the perfect balance between strength and agility, offering robust protection and adaptability for any situation. This multi-piece design consists of two main components: a slim MagSafe compatible interior casing for added protection, enclosed by a CNC machined rigid outer frame. The Dango iPhone Adapt Case features 6061 aluminum for its lightweight yet sturdy properties, paired with ULTEM, a heat-resistant and rigid resin, resulting i...
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