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Seam Camera Straps

Seam Strap offers handmade camera straps with a vintage look and high-quality materials. The unique straps are designed to give your camera a unique style while ensuring durability, and each one undergoes a special treatment process for enhanced longevity. Their leather straps feature smoothed edges and are sealed with leather wax, whilst their camera ropes are made from polypropylene or nylon, providing stability and abrasion resistance. Whether for street photography or other genres, thier eye-catching straps are suitable for both analog and DSLR cameras.

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FUJIFILM X-T10 | Image


If you´re a fan of the retro looking, and popular Fujifilm X-T1, but can´t afford the price tag, the latest release Fujifilm X-T10 could be the camera for you. The equally gorgeous X-T10 also offers the retro looks and most of the features on its older sibling, but at less than half the price. The compact and lightweight camera is even smaller than the X-T1, and features a APS-C X-Trans 16.3 megapixel, a new 2.36M-dot organic EL electronic viewfinder, built-in WiF...
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Remember the innovative BioLite Camp Stove, a portable stove that uses nothing but the sticks and twigs around you to cook meals and charge gadgets? Well, the same team behind the innovative project have recently developed a larger version, the BioLite BaseCamp Stove, a cooking and charging device for groups. The portable cooker is also powered by burning wood, and converts heat from your fire into useable electricity via a thermoelectric generator. You can then use...
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Biolite BaseCharge Power Station | Image

Biolite BaseCharge Power Station

Off-grid power has been offered by Biolite in a number of incarnations, each of which was thoughtfully created with the end user in mind. The brand is now introducing two new power stations and a solar panel to meet the growing need for portable power that can be utilized at home or in remote locations. The company has introduced the BaseCharge 600 and BaseCharge 1500 portable power stations, along with an accompanying SolarPanel 100. The Basecharge 600 and 1500...
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