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Hestia Smartphone Telescope

Gear up for the 2024 solar eclipse with the Vaonis Hestia Smartphone Telescope! This innovative telescope simplifies stargazing and makes exploring the cosmos effortless. It connects to your smartphone, pairing the camera with its ocular through a patented six-lens design. By collecting and focusing light directly into your smartphones camera sensor, celestial bodies are displayed on the screen, allowing you to capture and share your cosmic experiences.

With a 1.25-inch lens, the Hestia can optically boost your cameras magnification by 25x, transforming your smartphone into an astrophotography machine. Capture stunning close-ups of the moon, eclipses, solar activity, constellations, star clusters, and nebulae with optical precision. The book-shaped design ensures easy portability, and its flat top securely holds your smartphone. watch the video below

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Vindome Interior
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Medicom Toy has joined forces with Rinaro Isodynamics to introduce the official BE@RBRICK Bluetooth speaker, taking the iconic bear-shaped toy to new audio heights. With the Quad360 technology from Rinaro Isodynamics, this speaker delivers an immersive 360� audio experience. The bears hands serve as track and volume controls, adding a fun touch to its functionality. Equipped with two custom-engineered 20mm tweeters and two custom 40mm wideband woofers, t...
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ExoLens Zeiss Lenses | Image

ExoLens Zeiss Lenses

Exolens Zeiss Lenses gives your iPhone a photo boost quality wise. There´s no doubt that Zeiss know their stuff, they´ve been developing lenses for almost 200 years… so if you want to give your Apple phone a professional photo kick this is the way to do it. The kit includes aspherical lenses, normally used only on DSLR models, because they´re expansive to make and complex to build, but this kit seems to have nailed it and Exolens really takes quality to another...
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HiDock H1 | Image

HiDock H1

Introducing the HiDock H1, a sophisticated multiport dock and high-quality speaker that goes beyond mere connectivity, it is your AI-powered meeting assistant. Compatible with your PC, Mac, and smartphone, this versatile device seamlessly integrates with popular communication apps like Zoom, Skype, and more. Experience the magic of Bi-directional Noise Cancellation for flawless calls and seamless recording. Take your meetings to the next level with the HiNote...
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