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Iphone Scuba Case | By Tat7

Most iPhone waterproof cases are either unreliable or too bulky. The iPhone scuba case by TAT7 is a robust waterproof case for iPhone 4/4S, it enables you to photograph and record video at depths up to 30 meters (100 feet). With its robust construction of high density polycarbonate and stainless steel, the case offers excellent protection from water, dirt and shock and can withstand the harshest environments. Via GadgetReview

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Square Cash lets you send money to your friends by email! Simple and fast, no need to create an account, no need to add friends, no surcharges to pay, simply compose an email to the person you want to send the money to, type the amount in the subject title, and send the money immediately on its way. If youre a first time user, youll need to type in your debit card number on the square website, it will be permanently linked to your email. The money deposits happen ...
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The new Barebones Hatchet might come in handy should you be outdoors often and in need of a cutting tool with some power, able to manage thicker pieces of wood. This hatchet was purposefully designed to handle some harder chores while maintaining portability and ease of use. With a reasonable size and weight (just under 4 pounds, around 16 inches long, and a height of 7,5) its capable enough to withstand heavy duty because it features a high carbon steel blade with...
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WhiteAlbum is the new app to get if youre an iPhone photo fiend and you love surprises. Its like an old film camera, there wont be any editing nor the possibility for a retake, you get what you took when you pressed the button. Youll then receive it later, at your home, an album with 24 shots, youll see your photos then for the first time, printed on thick 4x 5 matte paper and a premium soft touch laminated finish. You can choose a square or circle frame fo...
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