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Tonal Smart Fitness System

The innovative Tonal Smart Fitness System is aimed at those who follow the mantra "your body is a temple” so you should take good care of it, but it also provides much more than simple exercise. It’s a machine that looks good enough to set in your home and proudly show it. It is the first ever digital weight strength training system with interactive video workouts, and provides a personal trainer whenever you need one. The personal home trainer is powered by machine learning, it starts with a complete physical check up and then sets a training plan for you to follow, keeping track of all your data and making you more conscious of your evolution and updating your training plan. It is one of the first intelligent workout machines that is powered by an electromagnetic resistance engine rather than large metal plates and gravity, it measures and responds to you automatically. If you’re struggling to complete a rep, sensors automatically adjust the weight. If you don’t love the gym but love yourself this is pretty much the thing to get. watch the video below

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Huckberry Interior


Recently we featured Overboard´s 100% waterproof backpacks, ideal for water sports and outdoor adventures. But what if you don´t carry that much gear? Check out Overboard´s Pro-Sports Waterproof Arm Pack, the ideal solution for carrying your phone and other small items like cash, car keys, credit cards while out on the water. The dry bag is 100% waterproof and submersible to 19ft/6m plus it floats safely on water. via...
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LockRack | Image


No more need to use tie downs! LockRack is a new revolutionary system that lets you safely carry your boards or kayak without the hassle and headache of straps and tie-downs. LockRack allows you to spend less time loading and unloading, once they’re on, securely loading a board on the roof is as easy and fast as placing it on the rack and sliding the outboard brace until its snug. The system snugly secures the craft or board using rubberized lockable bars that readi...
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Kokatat us the leading US manufacturer of technical apparel and accessories for water sports. Kokatat Life Vests combine functionality and comfort, they feature a low profile, but have a high floatation quotient, perfect for all paddling sports. You can choose from vests for the recreational paddler, expert paddler or for the professional sea kayak guide....
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