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Star Wars Lego Helmets

Lego completes its Star Wars Helmet collection with two new sets adding to the previously introduced models. Fans of the saga can now show off their loyalty to the Empire, and elite-class building skills on the iconic Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, TIE Fighter Pilot, Darth Vader, and Scout Trooper helmets. Each model comes with a bespoke base plate and name plaque for displaying in all its villainous glory.

The 647-piece LEGO Darth Vader Helmet 8" (20cm) high, and is available from Lego or from Amazon.

The 471-piece LEGO Scout Trooper Helmet 7" (18cm) high, and is available from Lego or from Amazon.

The 647-piece LEGO Stormtrooper Helmet 7" (18cm) high, and is available from Lego or from Amazon.

The 625-piece LEGO Boba Fett Helmet measures 8.5" (21cm) high, and is available from Lego or from Amazon.   

The 723-piece LEGO TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet measures 7" (18cm) high, and is available from Lego.

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Nomus Glashutte
Floyd Interior
Aer interior


Never lose a remote, a phone, or spill a drink on your couch again. The cool-looking Couch Console lets you lay down the remote and a host of other stuff you might want to keep on hand. The modular organizer is made with modules that are independent from one another so you can customize the layout just the way you like it. It features a self-balancing cupholder, a snack holder, a phone stand, a charging dock, a remote tray, and a storage pocket. Are you having two t...
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BHC Modular Cabins | Image

BHC Modular Cabins

You can now create your own modular cabin with a brilliant prefabricated assembly kit by The Backcountry Hut Company (BHC). Their modular prefabricated homes are one of the best options for DIY homesteaders we have ever seen, their attractive little dwellings come in multiple configurations and sizes, and can operate on or off-the-grid. The cabins are said to assemble "like Ikea furniture" and are delivered in flatpack form by truck (or helicopter if you choose a ve...
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Alinghi Residence is a modern beach house in the town of Rocky Point, which is only three miles from the popular tourist destination of Queensland, Australia. The house was designed by Grose Bradley BNV, their task was to create a space suitable for contemplation and enjoyment of nature. All rooms are oriented toward the ocean, which guarantees a magnificent view of the Pacific ocean. ...
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