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Fellow Stagg EKG Pro

Fellow, the specialty coffee equipment company on a mission to help consumers brew absurdly delicious coffee at home, has added two more electric devices to its remarkable lineup. The brand launched the Stagg EKG Pro and Stagg EKG Pro Studio Edition, both of which offer a wide range of advanced new features without changing up the existing model’s classic shape that customers know and love.

Both products include precise temperature control, a gooseneck spout with flow restriction, and a counterbalanced handle for easy pouring. You can now set the kettle to a certain temperature at a certain time, and hear when its done with a chime, or even pre-set temperatures for various coffee brewing methods and tea varieties amongst other features. It also has a revised lid seal and curved-slot vent hole that stop fluids from spilling when the kettle is in the pouring position. You can now also get updates through WiFi, meaning this kettle is constantly getting better.

The Studio Edition starts at $225, while the Pro is priced at $195. A walnut wood upgrade for the Stagg EKG Pro is available for both models for an additional $30.

Grab one directly from Fellow, or from Amazon

fellow-stagg-ekg-pro-2.jpg | Image

fellow-stagg-ekg-pro-3.jpg | Image

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fellow-stagg-ekg-pro-5.jpg | Image

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