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Lego Star Wars Helmets

Lego have introduced a collection of Star Wars buildable model helmets. Fans of the saga can now show off their loyalty to the Empire, and elite-class building skills on the iconic Stormtrooper, Boba Fett and TIE Fighter Pilot helmets. Each model comes with a bespoke base plate and name plaque for displaying in all its villainous glory.

The 647-piece LEGO Stormtrooper Helmet 7" (18cm) high, and is available from Lego or from Amazon

The 625-piece LEGO Boba Fett Helmet measures 8.5" (21cm) high, and is available from Lego or from Amazon.   

The 723-piece LEGO TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet measures 7" (18cm) high, and is available from Lego.

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lego-star-wars-helmets-3.jpg | Image

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
DUOO Desk | Image


The clean DUOO Desk is featured in the minimalist furniture collection designed by Andrey Mohila for Zegen. The elegant desk lacks unnecessary details, only featuring those that perform a certain function and emphasize the authentic style of the piece. Made of natural veneer that preserves the texture of the wood, the writing desk also features black metal framing, and several organizational details such as a elevated, usable paper/utensil tray, a bottom draw, and a...
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"Sitting is the new smoking”, how many times have we heard that… We all know a sedentary lifestyle is bad for us, we just don’t realize how bad it is. Spending less time sitting down really can add years to your life. If you do not have a workstation that is ergonomic, you could be causing more harm to your body than you realize. There are certain positions that are more natural for our body as we sit at a computer. Today we have rounded up a list of products that h...
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Showcase your prized bike at home with the cool Bookbike by Italian design studio BYografia. The original piece of furniture is divided into two sections, on one side a typical shelving unit for keeping your belongings, the other craftily holds your bike. The unit comes complete with adjustable hooks to fit any size bicycle. Also check out a similar option, "Shoes Books and a Bike"...
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