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MOVI Standing Desk

Standing desks are hardly a new idea, they boost your productivity and mitigate the annoying afternoon slump. But what if you love your existing desk? MOVI is a sit-stand desk that fits on top of your existing desk and allows you to switch from a sitting to a standing position, and back, in mere seconds. It requires no assembly, no fixed installation and sets up instantly. With a quick press of a single button, a quiet, high-speed, electric motor will do the lifting for you, go from sitting to standing and back in just seconds. It also has the capability of remembering your preferred height so you don’t have to manually adjust it each time. Perfect. watch the video below

Learn more from Movi Workspace, or pre-order now from Kickstarter

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The Hemloft is a self-funded secret creation by Joel Allen, a Canadian software developer-turned-carpenter. The beautiful egg-shaped house is a tree-house retreat in Whistler, Canada. It hangs on a precipitous slope, in a towering stand of Hemlocks, about a five minute walk from the nearest road. Joe also created a website for "The Hemloft" you can read his interesting story, from becoming a carpenter, to finding the perfect spot and tree, and funding...
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Stanford Residence is a stunning a mid-century marvel transformed by Jensen Architects on Stanford University´s campus. Owned by IDEO co-founder David Kelley, this remodel celebrates utilitarian and abstract design. Within the existing footprint, the design opens up the interiors, seamlessly blending a bedroom into a kitchen and connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces. Minimalist details and neutral finishes anticipate the clients evolving art collection. T...
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Winner of the RedDot design award, Flapot is a durable and foldable, stainless steel cooking pot developed for cooking on camping and trekking tours. The ultra slim, lightweight, portable Flapot is designed to be folded into a pot like folding a metal plate as origami. Made from 100% special stainless steel it can be easily put into a backpack improving the portability extremely. watch the video...
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