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Helinox Tactical Field Office

Part of the Helinox Tactical Collection, the Tactical Field Office is a portable workstation for very remote work. Working from anywhere but office is the new norm in the pandemic, and this ultralight field office carries digital nomads deeper into the wild. Weighing under 5 pounds, the structure assembles to provide a small, but sturdy work surface that folds open from the included 15L cargo bag (it can detach and stand on its own). An optional shoulder strap makes for easier transport than the grab handles.

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Tropicfeel Interior
Nomos Interior
Carol Bike Interior
Vindome Interior
London Sock Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Wellen Interior
Oxford Hill interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
Cariuma Interior


Love your iPad but hate that you can’t comfortably use it while lounging on your couch or lying in bed? Boom – problem solved. The Quirky Cradle is a portable, lightweight lap desk for your Apple iPad. Features include an integrated circular plate that allows you to rotate your iPad between portrait and landscape views and a foam cushion with woven covering built into the underside of the desk....
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LoopRope is a revolutionary fastening system. Unlike traditional bungee straps, LoopRope features(you guessed!) - Loops, of course. One rope solves many fastening problems and can be used for getting your stuff seriously & safely strapped, or for endless outdoor purposes. The loops can be used as fastening points and you can use multiple ropes to create cargo nets. Each LoopRope comes with two carabiner clips. via...
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If you´ve ever wanted to ditch the commute and work from home but the site of the kitchen table day in day out doesn´t appeal, or you have a hard time separating work and play, you might need a dedicated space where you can go to feel separated from the house and focus on the work at hand. "Sunken Studio" by Brazilian designer Igor Leal, is a concept for a client in Rio de Janeiro that does just that. It is a workspace designed to fit into the garden of a resident...
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