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Yardstash Iii

Building on the success of the top selling and top rated Yardstash II, the new Yardstash III includes new features for better protecting your bicycles from mother nature. Built from tough, heavy duty, weatherproof and UV protected materials, Yardstash III features new full top and bottom zippers to completely seal the door, and a stronger polyester body bonded to interior weatherproof coating. It fits two adult bicycles with room to spare and has a back panel for locking the bikes to a fence or pole.

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Taylor Stitch


The stunning Wirra Willa Pavilion designed by Matthew Woodward Architecture is the perfect weekend retreat. Located in Somersby, NSW, Australia, on an 80-acre property, the tiny house is only 72 square meters (775 sq.ft) in size, and weightlessly cantilevers over the adjacent natural lily pond, creating a scene straight from a Monet painting, and giving guests the sensation of walking on water. Although small, there is still room for sleeping, a bathroom, kitchen an...
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Zendome are a German company that manufacture special Zendome canopies that resemble a yurt or igloo. They started making huge domes(300 square meters) for fairs and exhibitors, but have recently made available a home-edition. ZENDOME.20 The Home Edition (20 square meters) offers multiple possibilities, as a swimming pool enclosure, temporary guest house, garden shed - or simply as a beautiful chill out room or childs dream house. Also a great solution for those who...
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IT HOUSE | Image


The IT HOUSE is a precision building system custom tailored to each client and site. The customizable house is made of high quality sustainable materials that are manufactured with precision off-site and rapidly assembled on site. The IT HOUSE brings together raw industrial aesthetics with the tactics of green design, it is completely off-grid, generating its own heating and energy through passive heating and cooling, utilizing site orientation and cross ventilation...
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