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Gladiator Flex Cabinet System

The Gladiator Flex Cabinet System is a modular garage cabinet system designed to maximize garage space and simplify organization. It comes in five models made of 24-gauge steel welded construction with a powder coat finish for durability. The cabinets are fully customizable and come with fully-adjustable shelving, soft-touch recessed handles, adjustable soft-close doors, auto-return drawers, and integrated cable management holes. The system can hold up to 1,610 pounds of tools, paint, and lawn & garden gear.

You can choose from three cabinet types: 30-inch-wide tall cabinet, 24-inch-wide wall cabinet, or 24-inch-wide floor cabinet. The cabinets can be assembled in any combination, and additional cabinets, casters, worktops, and baskets can be added as needed. The Gladiator Flex Cabinet System is incredibly versatile and can be mounted on the wall, connected to other cabinets, or mounted on casters to make rolling toolboxes. It comes pre-assembled and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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