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Dango EDC Trays

The Dango EDC Trays, are the perfect solution to keep your everyday carry items organized and protected in one convenient space. Made in the USA from a solid piece of aluminum, the EDC trays feature different-sized cavities to store and complement items like wallets, keys, coins, headphones, and more. The anti-slip rubber footing keeps the tray securely in place. The EDC tray also comes with a removable layer of DTEX pads for added protection. Its meticulous craftsmanship and modern production processes result in a gorgeous design that is both functional and stylish. From small accessories to stationery and writing tools, the Dango EDC tray keeps everything you need close at hand. Available in several styles and sizes.

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This unique coat hanger is a customizable furniture solution for the modern home. It utilizes your empty wall providing enhanced storage capabilities without losing sight of aesthetic needs. When closed looks like a piece of flat furniture, to use simply flip down the hooks when you need to hang something. Crafted from solid wood, pine, and finished with ECO waterproof coating, it ensures it is ready to deliver exceptional durability year-round. Available in a wide ...
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Wet Pot is a self-watering terracotta pot that helps your plants take care of themselves! Available in three sizes, the pots work with a two-part system that allows your plants to water themselves as needed. Water supply is regulated by different co-operating factors. The technique is called Cappillary Attraction. Your plant lives in the absorbent terracotta pot which in turn floats inside a perfectly sized glass cylinder. Just add water as needed to the glass exter...
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Located in in Tulum, a town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico, this magnificent residence sits discretely in the jungle, merging indoor and outdoor into one generous, peaceful space. Designed by Co-Lab, the house features warm grey polished cement walls that contrast beautifully with the lush green landscape. Composed of two parallel volumes that were shifted from each other to better protect several existing trees on site, the house accommodates 4 en...
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