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Heatbit Bitcoin Mining Heater

Heatbit is the first heater that mines bitcoin! Anyone familiar with cryptocurrencies will know that Bitcoin miners require significant energy, and produce a tremendous amount of heat. So why not think of an appliance that requires energy and produces heat? Uhhh a heater! Add one plus one and you have Heatbit. This is the first user-friendly way to decentralize and mine Bitcoin while quietly warming a room, and can potentially change how cryptocurrency mining is done in the future. You basically get cashback while heating your home, and you can check into real-time mining results on an included app.

Silicone chips are used as the heating element inside the Heatbit, running complex calculations and mining bitcoin whilst generating heat as a result. All this whilst using the same energy as other usual heaters.

The mining and thus initial earnings are in BTC, but you will be able to convert into other major cryptos. In the future they plan to implement fiat withdrawals as well, so that you can withdraw directly to your card or account. watch the video below

The Heatbit is available exclusively to Blessthisstuff readers with a 5% coupon using the exclusive discount code at checkout: BLESSTHISSTUFF

heatbit-bitcoin-mining-heater-2.jpg | Image

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OtterBox Venture Cooler | Image

OtterBox Venture Cooler

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Nek-rite is a modular wine cellar storage system by Vin de Garde Cellar Systems, a Canadian company specialized in custom wine cellar designs. The Nek-rite stores your wine bottles horizontally in order to feature the labels and display your fine wine collection. The back panel comes in a variety of woods so you can customize them to match your decor....
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