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Bento Jot Stationery Set

Meet the Bento Jot, a revolutionary stationery set blending Japanese heritage and Scandinavian design. Crafted with precision, this modular system is more than an organizer; it's your creative companion. Designed like a Japanese bento box, it comprises three layers, each serving a specific purpose.

The top layer hosts an Aluminum Pen and a Monograph Journal for capturing thoughts. The Mid layer features a leather organizer, keeping essentials in one place, while the Base layer houses desk tools like an aluminum ruler, blok measuring tape, a dipped pencil, a sticky note, logo pins, gluestick, a geo eraser, and a draft scissor. This meticulously designed set is a harmonious blend of minimalism, ergonomics, and sustainability.

Customizable, with interchangeable lids and trays, it tailors to your creative workflow. Elevate your workspace with quality materials and innovative design, promoting organized creativity. Moreover, Bento Jot champions sustainability, reducing plastic usage by up to 95%. Experience stationery reimagined. watch the video below

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