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Withings Body Smart Scale

Withings, the health gadget start-up, has launched the Body Smart scale, an entry-level smart scale that delivers precise weight and body composition analysis, along with advanced health measurements. Priced at $99, the Body Smart scale is a snazzy addition to the Withings smart scale lineup. The scale features a color screen and an "Eyes Closed" mode that allows users to track their weight over time but not view their weight immediately on the screen. It combines multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), precision weight sensors, and advanced algorithms, providing users with insights and health analysis. The Body Smart scale’s BIA tech measures the resistance and reactance of body tissues to the current, creating a more complete picture of body health. Users can also view daily information such as step counts, air quality, and weather forecasts. Additionally, the scale recognizes up to eight users and syncs data automatically to the Withings app via Wi-Fi.

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This is a very smart creation. Designer Chris Brigham, after a spell doing graphic design created is own furniture line called Knife & Saw. After noticing there´s a void when it comes to elegant bike management solutions, he decided to do something to fix this problem. The shelf is made from solid walnut wood and suspended by a solid steel square mount. You can showcase your bike and utilize the shelf for books....
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Another original design by dutch designers OOOMS. The "Puzzleboard" can be used as a cutting board or a serving plate. You can also attach some boards together to make a super-sized workspace. They are ideal to chop long baguettes! But the great feature must be the blank spot on the board that allows you to fit any wineglass....
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Bogobrush is a new toothbrush designed, developed and made in the USA, its most attractive feature lies in the fact that it´s green, because they´re made from used plastic that would otherwise have the landfill as final destination, and you can also get a biodegradable model, which you can compost after use. Its other great feature is that it generates selflessness because for each Bogobrush you buy, you´re giving one away to someone who needs one, the company ha...
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