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The North Face Geodome 4 Tent

Previously only available in Japan and Korea, The North Face Geodome 4 Tent is now available for purchase in the US. The large spherical expedition shelter creates enough space for four occupants to stay outside the elements, with enough height in its center for standing up. The overall structure is one of the most spatially efficient shapes in architecture, and the interlocking triangles make it one of the strongest shapes in engineering, in fact, the dome along with a dual-layer water-resistant exterior, will maintain its form in winds reaching speeds of 60 mp. It also has a series of handy internal hangars for easy gear storage, a Nonagon high water-resistant bathtub structured flooring, five windows with mesh and two top ventilation windows with a quick open design.

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Taylor Stitch
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Huckberry Interior


Nebia is a unique system that provides a shower experience unlike any other. The shower head atomizes the water, creating a kind of mist with 10 times more surface area than your regular shower to better clean and hydrate your skin. All this using 70% less water than a typical shower! This reduces overall water usage and saves you some benjamins at the same time. The shower head is easily installed (no need to call a plumber), and once your good to go your whole bod...
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The North Face have introduced an ingenious 3-in-1 sleeping system, one sleeping bag for all seasons. The North Face One Bag has interchangeable layers to configure it for 5, 20 or 40°F temps, making it the ultimate modular sleeping bag for any condition. Each season has different requirements when it comes to warmth, this bag works with top and bottom layers of synthetic insulation, and sandwiched between them is a removable layer of 800-fill down that brings the b...
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LEGO BMW GS Adventure | Image

LEGO BMW GS Adventure

The legendary BMW GS Adventure is one of the most desirable off-road motorbikes, it is quite simply, the most successful modern motorcycle on the planet. The LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS is the first Lego model to be created in cooperation with the German motorcycle manufacturer and it looks awesome. Developed by BMW designers to be as faithful as possible, this mini model stays true to the full-sized motorcycle’s signature styling. The 603-piece kit is a brilliant re...
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