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Lifesaver Expedition Jerrycan Water Filter

Vanlife offers the freedom to embrace adventure, even on a budget, but access to drinking water can prove difficult on the road, especially when going off-grid. Perfectly sized to fit in the boot, the Jerrycan from LifeSaver not only stores water, its advanced design uses microfiltration technology to eliminate more than 99.99% of bacteria, cysts and viruses from lake water, rivers or even just dubious-looking tap water – so you always have safe, fresh-tasting water for every trip. Requiring no extra power or chemicals, simply fill the LifeSaver Jerrycan with dirty water, pump it through and then pour the perfectly fresh and clean water into a sterile container. With a flow-rate of 3 litres per minute, there is no waiting around for treatments to work and the filtered water can be simply drunk, used for cooking or for washing clothing and dishes. You can even use it to have a shower!

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Huckberry Interior
HRDL Vinyl Table | Image

HRDL Vinyl Table

The HRDL Vinyl Table is ideal for avid record collectors, an all-in-one solution for vinyl record storage and playback. This vintage audio console was imagined by furniture designer Stian Herdal (HRDL) and allows you to display your turntable and display your favorite albums like the art pieces they are. This provides you with easy access to your favorite records, as well as that wonderful feeling of being able to flick through the favorites of your collection. Ther...
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This is just brilliant, Coelux is an Italian company that make artificial windows and skylights that mimic the true effect of natural sunlight and the sky, you won´t believe it isn´t real!  Designed for gloomy interior spaces, the high-tech light system uses Nanotechnology, and not only mimics the color temperature, it mimics the quality of daylight, it looks so real even a camera will be tricked. The creator’s claim the system is so effective tha...
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How cool would this look in your music studio? Tayble have recreated the nostalgic cassette tape into a functional piece of furniture. Hand crafted from birch hardwood, they feature a vinyl label and two stainless steel cup holders that house LED lights to spice up your party with the flip of a switch. Tayble also offers custom options to fit your personal style and decor, so if you want your table to say "Harrys Jams 92" they´ll work on it...via Also ch...
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