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Lifesaver Expedition Jerrycan Water Filter

Vanlife offers the freedom to embrace adventure, even on a budget, but access to drinking water can prove difficult on the road, especially when going off-grid. Perfectly sized to fit in the boot, the Jerrycan from LifeSaver not only stores water, its advanced design uses microfiltration technology to eliminate more than 99.99% of bacteria, cysts and viruses from lake water, rivers or even just dubious-looking tap water – so you always have safe, fresh-tasting water for every trip. Requiring no extra power or chemicals, simply fill the LifeSaver Jerrycan with dirty water, pump it through and then pour the perfectly fresh and clean water into a sterile container. With a flow-rate of 3 litres per minute, there is no waiting around for treatments to work and the filtered water can be simply drunk, used for cooking or for washing clothing and dishes. You can even use it to have a shower!

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Huckberry Interior
Wall-Mounted Kindling Splitter | Image

Wall-Mounted Kindling Splitter

The ingenious Stikkan is a wall-mounted Norwegian wood splitter that mounts on the wall to make instant kindling so you don’t have to go outside. The clever hand-tool is used to make kindling easily and safely, simply attach it to a wall beside a wood stove, fireplace or in a wood shed, place the log into one of the bracket notches, and lower the steel cutting wedge to produce a nearly effortless kindling supply. When not in use, an included safety ring slips over t...
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Material makes minimalist kitchenware designed for todays modern home cook, they offer premium essential tools that home cooks really need, at competitive prices. Their elegant Iconics Kitchen Set cuts down on your counter clutter, it comes with all of the fundamental tools any kitchen requires. It includes an 8" knife, 6” serrated knife, 4” knife, tongs, wood spoon, metal spoon, slotted spatula, air whisk, slotted spoon, and a space-saving stand that houses all of ...
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Built entirely of teak wood harvested on-site, this stunning retreat is inspired by the jungle of this densely forested site on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Designed by American firm Olson Kundig Architects, the three-storey treehouse is built with local teak wood, slatted walls and columns made of tree trunks. Envisioned as a surfer hut, the Costa Rica Treehouse is nestled within a dense jungle near Playa Hermosa beach where the owners can enjoy their passion o...
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