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July Workstation

Discover the ultimate in productivity and comfort with our curated collection of home office essentials. From ergonomic products to state-of-the-art technology, elevate your workspace to new heights with these must-have accessories designed to enhance efficiency and style. Our goal is to highlight items that promote comfort, organization, and sleek design, contributing to a minimalist and ergonomic work environment. Check our picks for this month below

This exceptional mechanical gaming keyboard draws inspiration from the modified all-carbon Lamborghini Aventador, the MANSORY Carbonado, famously referred to as the "Black Diamond" supercar. Constructed from carbon fiber and high-quality materials, the keyboard boasts a distinctive design and robustness comparable to that of a supercar's frame.

Maintain your coffee, latte, or tea at your ideal temperature with the Ember Mug. Its intuitive app lets you easily set your preferred drinking temperature and control Ember settings remotely via your iPhone or Apple Watch. Experience the perfect sip every time.

This sleek ruler is perfect for construction and planning tasks, offering both imperial and metric measurements. Its vibrant yellow indicator ensures quick and accurate readings, while the textured dimpled surface provides a comfortable, secure grip. An essential tool for any project.

The acclaimed Soundblade Under Monitor Soundbar is a multifunctional gadget that serves as both a monitor stand and a robust sound amplifier. Compact at just 9 centimeters tall, it neatly fits beneath your monitor, providing 120 watts of peak power for clear, impactful sound and deep bass.

This ergonomic Bluetooth wireless mouse fits naturally in your hand, reducing strain for extended use. It features two buttons for convenience and reliable Bluetooth connectivity. The BlueTrack technology ensures precise clicking and scrolling, making it ideal for professional and personal use.

The Phone (2a) shares features from the flagship Phone (2) but at a lower price. It runs on a Dimensity 7200 Pro processor with a 5,000 mAh battery for up to two days of use. It sports a redesigned transparent back with twin horizontal cameras, a 6.7-inch AMOLED display at 120 Hz, and uses recycled materials for sustainability.

Now crafted from a solid titanium body, the minimalist Nomad Pen boasts a smooth click-button mechanism and dependable Schmidt EasyFLOW 9000 ink cartridge, making it an ideal everyday carry pen.
BUY | $100

Featuring the Sonos iconic design, the Ace headphones are crafted from lightweight materials for all-day comfort. Enjoy exceptional audio quality with lossless streaming, spatial audio, and dynamic head tracking. They come equipped with Active Noise Cancellation and an Aware mode to help you stay attuned to your surroundings. With up to 30 hours of battery life, these headphones connect via Bluetooth, USB-C, or 3.5mm cables.

The Memobottle Stainless Steel Water Bottle offers a stylish and contemporary answer to staying hydrated. With its distinctive flask design, this stainless steel bottle is crafted for easy portability throughout your day, fitting effortlessly into your bag. Its satin powdercoat finish not only introduces a splash of color but also ensures durability, shielding against scratches and everyday wear.

This exclusive pencil kit is the outcome of a partnership between two companies dedicated to crafting top-notch tools for your workspace and projects. Featuring custom-designed minimalist pencils and a multifunctional stand, it offers integrated sharpening, tip protection, and a sleek design to keep you inspired.
BUY | $30

Inspired by the tranquil Japanese rock garden, the orb-shaped Creative Pebble is a stylish and refined 2.0 speaker system, ideal for any home or office. It boasts a 45-degree elevated sound stage for improved audio projection and operates with a single USB cable for easy and convenient music enjoyment.

Though its Japanese roots are not immediately apparent, the Desk Knife draws its functionality from the kiridashi, a utility knife traditionally used for various small cutting tasks. It is the ideal addition to any desk, seamlessly blending with your other essentials.

At first glance, you might not realize the intricacy involved in solving the Venn Puzzle. Designed with subtle intricacies and asymmetrical elements, this engaging puzzle offers an added challenge, testing both your cognitive skills and manual dexterity. Once mastered, it transforms into a perfect sphere, making it a stunning addition to any desk or tabletop.
BUY | $95

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Ignite your BBQ in just a few seconds with the Looftlighter. This handy tool "fires" a hot airstream speeding up the heating process of your coals. You will also eliminate the chemical taste that comes from using lighter fluid and gas. No more waiting for 20 minutes at peak hunger time, before you know it you will have a roaring fire....
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Brodmann Blade new ping pong paddles are the first major innovation to the sport of table tennis. Without a handle, the new paddle works like a glove worn over either hand. Improved comfort, ergonomics and sensory feedback gained from playing the ball right on the hand makes for greater ball control, a faster and more intuitive game, more spin on the ball, and superior backhand....
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This interstellar puzzle presents a challenging mission of its own, with 1000 pieces, a circular shape and a grayscale picture, it will be one giant leap for any skilled puzzler. The fascinating Moon Puzzle celebrates the the historic Apollo 11 mission where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first of humankind to set foot on the Moon. The image, courtesy of NASA, is the clearest image of the Moon to date and shows even the tiniest of craters in stunning...
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