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Heimplanet All Black Cave Tent

Heimplanet teamed up with Uncrate to create a special The Cave All Black Limited Edition, a stealthy version of the original Heimplanet Cave Tent, retaining all the features that made it an icon. The unique inflatable tent can be set up within less than a minute. The stability is perfect through the structure of a diamond. The Cave offers outstanding durability, with a waterproof polyester outer surface and inner surface made of lightweight waterproof nylon, it has an anti-mosquito screen, a rugged outsole made of waterproof polyester, multiple internal pockets, and a gear loft under the inner tent roof offers added storage. It has enough room for 2/3 people and comes with the air frame, tent skin and carry bag. There are only a strictly limited number of pieces available - it pays to be quick!

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Cova House is another spectacular open-air retreat nestled between the sea and jungle, that invites you to enjoy the wonderful climate of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Designed by anonimous, this stunning piece of modern design really is a sight to behold and serves as the ultimate entertaining and relaxing space for the lucky guests. Located only 70 meters from the coast, the unique property was designed as a two-family vacation home, which involved the creation of two...
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This beautiful and original wall calendar was designed by German user interface designer Sören Lachnit. The Circular Calendar is size A0 (33.11 x 46.81 inches) and lets your organize the year clockwise, displaying weekdays, calendar weeks, moon phases, months, and average daylight hours, plus enough space for daily notes. It focuses on the solar and lunar influences on the yearly calendar, the yellow form in the inner of the calendar represents the possible sun hou...
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Looking for a physical and fun game for the beach or your backyard? Look no further, SpikeBall is the perfect weekend activity when you are looking to get outside and sweat a little. The unique game is played by two teams of two players each, and is about ensuring the ball hits the net so the opponents can not reach the ball and play it back. The players takes turns hitting the ball on to the net so it ricochets up at the opponent. Each team gets three turns between...
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