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Dog Outdoor Overalls | By Hurtta

If you like to take your furry friend along with you on your adventures, youŽll be aware that it is unhealthy and uncomfortable for a dog to be cold. Hurtta have over ten years experience in designing functional clothing for dogs, their collection has been designed for the everyday life and all seasons of an active dog. Check out the collection at Hurtta website or purchase their products at amazon.

You can get them in Europe here

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
MINIM Playing Cards | Image

MINIM Playing Cards

We are all already familiar with the straightforward and classic signs for hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades on a deck of cards, so why not strip things down to the edge of comprehension. Designed by Joe Doucet, these ultra-minimal regulation playing cards have been reduced to minimalistic geometric symbols, without all those flashy features like colors, drawings and noise. The MINIM Playing Cards also get a clean diagonal line to mark the backs, in...
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If youŽre fascinated by the paranormal you will love these. In Case Of are a company dedicated to making these fun cabinets that provide kits against all possible cases of extraordinary hazard. Several emergency kits are available, including the zombie outbreak emergency cabinet, vampire outbreak, werewolves, and demons. Unfortunately all included objects are non operational, non functional and for display purposes only, but your friends donŽt need to know that. via...
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Fed up of those boring chairs in your kitchen and dinning room? how about this - socks for your chairs?? This is actually quite a clever idea for getting rid of that annoying screeching noise when dragging a chair, it also eliminates scratches on the floor. They are available in four styles....
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