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If you are familiar with Crypto storage, you will know that your 24-word recovery phrase is the only backup to the crypto stored on your hardware wallet. And, as long as you have your recovery phrase, you will always be able to regain access to your crypto assets. While it's possible to store it safely, a paper isn't the most resilient material. Ink may fade, water could render it unreadable, and fire has the potential to obliterate it. Fortunately, there's a solution for this situation.

Cryptotag is the ultimate protection for your crypto recovery phrase. Safeguard your hardware wallet backup on 6mm-thick titanium, offering unmatched security. This essential titanium crypto seed storage ensures your 24-word recovery phrase remains waterproof, fireproof, corrosion-proof, hackerproof, and bulletproof. 

Instead of backing up words, Zeus uses numbers to save your seed phrase. Making your backup leaner and meaner. Your seed phrase is easily converted with a standardized BIP39 wordlist.

The Zeus Starter Kit includes everything you need to immortalize your recovery seed, allowing you to store up to 24 recovery words on the robust 6mm-thick bulletproof titanium. Whether you use Ledger, Trezor, Coldcard, Ellipal, KeepKey, or other BIP39 cold storage hardware wallets, Cryptotag Zeus provides compatibility and unparalleled protection.

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Is it a cocoon? A suspended bed? A tree house? The Cocoon Tree is sold by a French company and supports more than two tons above the ground. The spherical structure is made of aluminum and covered with a resistant canvas, designed to be hung from trees, it comes with a bed big enough to accommodate two adults and two children. This "modern version of the treehouse," as described by the company, can be installed in just two days: it is tied with ropes and is secured ...
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The Zera Food Recycler is a new revolutionary device that turns food scraps into fertilizer. Designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen, the elegant household compost machine easily converts food waste into ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer. It collects food scraps throughout the week, and then uses a combination of heat, moisture and mechanical agitation to turn the waste into compost, all in an impressive 24 hours. The process can be controlled via the Zera mobi...
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Racing Heroes is a new online boutique offering the finest model cars. They sell extraordinary products, assembled by hand, with premium materials, meticulous attention to detail and precise manufacturing. These models are incomparable with anything else on the market place. They are true to the legendary originals (fascinating vintage cars that have set milestones in automotive history) and have been created with careful adherence to historical records. These cars ...
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