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If you were at the Burning Man festival this year, you most likely saw one of these shelters. Shiftpods are a popular choice for festivals thanks to their ease-of-use, dust-proof skin and heat reflectivity. They are crafted with a patented six-layer composite reflective "Dark Out" fabric that is built to withstand the elements, retains heat more efficiently and also works well in diluting outside noise. Designed by Advanced Shelter Systems, the Shiftpod can be set up quickly, can withstand heavy winds, and is big enough to stand up in. Multiple screened doors and windows allow for proper airflow, while bug screens keep unwanted guests out. Other features include multi-pocket wall bag organizers as well as combo locks for security. The portable shelter is also compatible with the company´s tunnel system, letting you expand it, to connect more shelters for larger groups.

Head over to their website, they are currently $200 off.

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This deck of cards will sure be a conversation starter. The unusual card deck is based on the infamous death of James "Wild Bill" Hickock, a Civil War veteran and celebrated gunfighter. He was shot in the back during a poker game before he could play his hand...and legend has it that he held Aces and Eights: The Dead Man´s Hand. Each of the morbid cards has a bullet hole straight through its middle, and the infamous "Dead Man’s Hand” is splattered...
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Cova House is another spectacular open-air retreat nestled between the sea and jungle, that invites you to enjoy the wonderful climate of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Designed by anonimous, this stunning piece of modern design really is a sight to behold and serves as the ultimate entertaining and relaxing space for the lucky guests. Located only 70 meters from the coast, the unique property was designed as a two-family vacation home, which involved the creation of two...
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"Escape Homes" first made a name for themselves in the tiny house community with the Traveler, a towable small and comfy house developed for those who are looking for an alternative to the conventional way of life. Now the company have presented their latest model, the Escape Vista, with off-grid technology, very generous glazing (make the small space feel less cramped), and a space-saving layout. Vista is a fully outfitted home-on-the-go that can be moved just abou...
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