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Raised Forest Cabin

Raised up on stilts to meet the level of the rocky landscape, this unique wooden cabin is beautifully embedded into a rocky Canadian forest. Designed by Natalie Dionne Architecture studio, the minimalist house strives towards symbiosis with the surrounding environment, it is perched on a boulder that is raised three metres above ground level, and on stilts that meet the level of this rock. Wood, of course, dominates a restrained palette of materials, both inside and outside, with the prematurely aged plank cladding, exposed framework, and various other interior finishes showcasing all the richness of the natural material.

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Tropicfeel Interior
Montegrappa Interior
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Dan Henry Interior
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London Sock Interior
Oxford Hill interior
Ultimate Lightning McQueen | Image

Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Robotic toymaker Sphero have unveiled their latest app-controlled toy - the Ultimate Lightning McQueen, a remarkably lifelike remote control version of the main character from Cars. This cool toy features some impressive robotics and is packed with personality, animated eyes, an animatronic mouth, and emotive suspension that gives McQueen a sense of life, similarly to how it moves in the movie. An ambient light sensor turns the headlights on and off, and the toy has...
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This recently renovated estate has just been put on the market by American comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres. Known as the Salt Hill House, the Balinese-inspired compound is spread throughout four volumes across 9-acres of oceanfront in Montecito, Santa Barbara, California. The impressive property has 10,700 square feet spread out across four different structures. The main house is just over 8,000 square feet, but there is also a guest house, fitness caba...
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Buster + Punch Kitchens | Image

Buster + Punch Kitchens

British design label Buster + Punch work with rare, solid materials to make unexpected and elegant interior products for everyday use, from lighting and hardware to whisky bars, furniture, and accessories. They are now adding a new category to their collection: kitchens. The versatile Buster + Punch Kitchen is the fusion of all their innovation and technical knowledge – a kitchen you design, with the flexibility to evolve with you as you journey through life. "We ...
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