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Dwell House

Online design journal Dwell has entered the prefab ring. The Dwell House is a 540-square-foot auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU) created and developed in partnership with prefab company Abodu and Danish designers Norm Architects. The House is the outcome of a long-standing commitment to produce better, more affordable housing. It includes a full kitchen, a bathroom, an open floor plan, and luxury materials and fixtures from Dwells broad network of designers. It is built off-site and delivered to your home and can be placed in most backyards, providing the extra space you require without opting for a house hunt or lengthy construction.

In as short as six months, through a procedure that is totally handled by Abodu, it is delivered turnkey with a complete set of equipment. Site preparation in a homeowners backyard takes only a few weeks before building can begin. Before construction starts, the price is fixed at $389,000 (excluding taxes, fees, and special site-specific services outside of Abodus usual scope of performance). The Dwell House is currently for sale in Seattle, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles.

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Today´s Gift guide roundup features some great gear for the jetsetter in your life, handy stuff for that loved friend or family member who spends most of their days asleep in airports or hotels. We have gathered some original gift ideas for the globetrotter who already has everything.  Check out the list of products here...
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ZipStitch Laceration Kit | Image

ZipStitch Laceration Kit

ZipStitch lets you close wounds without stitches! Specially useful when out in the wild, the laceration kit may be of use should you get a cut of 1.5 inches long and up to 1inch wide because it’ll help close the wound, stop the bleed and avoid an ER trip to get stitched up. This item will surely be a must have in a nearby future in every first aid kit. The technology is proven to be more effective than standard stitching, less painful and quicker to ...
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