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Baker Boys Beach House

This award winning house by Refresh Design is a surfers dream. Built on the North Stradbroke Island, in Australia, this holiday home embodies calmness and simplicity, so its occupants can enjoy being immersed in nature at the beach. Located in Minjerribah, which boasts some of the best surfing conditions in south-east Queensland, the unique cabin provides an experience more similar to a shelter, than spending the day inside a house. Located on a very steep slope, the back of the house is anchored to the ground, where it is well connected to the adjoining bushland reserve. The other end of the structure is cantilevered to take full advantage of the sweeping views, while providing covered space for car parking and storage facilities. The arrangement of rooms and openings ensures privacy while maximising access to views.

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The Library is a petrol head´s dream, a refined space that exhibits a private collection of luxury automobiles as fine works of art. Designed by A Work of Substance (same team behind the amazing Fleming Hotel) for an avid car collector and automotive enthusiast in Hong Kong, the private showroom occupies two levels of a six-story building. It is a curated library of vast automotive treasures, but also celebrates the spirit of driving and moments of excitement behin...
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The word small may be relative, a small house has an awful lot of benefits, from less clutter to the possibility of splurging on higher-quality items you really love. Less space and less stuff also means less cleaning, repairs, and a lighter mental load of household chores. Casa Picasso is a stunning piece of architecture which really makes the most of its small footprint. Designed by Workshop Architects, this stunning 145 m2 private residence located in Méri...
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Another Flashback! Thumbsaver.......what a clever invention, you can now say goodbye to bruised thumbs. Thumbsaver is a handy tool that houses a powerful magnet, and helps you position a nail or screw into position without leaving your fingers exposed to a hammer. Another great advantage is reach, with Thumbsaver you reach places that would be impossible with your fingers....
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