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Anna Sliding Cabin

Caspar Schols has designed a new version of the popular Anna Cabin, called Anna Stay 2.0, which is now available to order. This innovative cabin has walls that can slide open, offering a semi-outdoor lifestyle, and features a sunken bathtub and stowable bed, among other updates. Anna Stay 2.0 can be used as a standard cabin or opened up to the elements. The glass roof and walls provide protection from the weather while also creating a greenhouse-like environment. Additionally, it has a wood-burning stove and a kitchenette. The bed and bathtub are stored under the floor and accessible by hatch. The cabin is made of engineered wood, birch ply, and aluminum and features plenty of glazing. The walls are manually opened and closed on rails with locks and an integrated braking system. Anna Stay 2.0 is designed for low transportation emissions, with 80% of its unique parts able to be produced locally through digital files. There will be a limited batch of 10 Anna Cabins produced in 2023, so placing an order soon is recommended.

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If you´re really in love with your wardrobe and go crazy about the feeling of dressing a crisp and clean piece everyday, than this is just the thing for you. Swash is 10min clothing care system that removes light wrinkles, neutralizes odors (leaving them smelling fresh again), and restores the fit they had when they were brand new thus extending the life of your garments. This system can save you money, if you use dry-cleaning, and saves you time, only 10min to mak...
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