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Loftie Smart Lamp

The Loftie Smart Lamp is a Scandinavian-inspired lamp that syncs with your sleep cycle. It functions as a reading light, gradually dimming for winding down, and doubles as an alarm clock, gently waking you with warm light. It can also be paired with the Loftie smart alarm clock for light-guided breathwork.

This minimalist lamp is designed to enhance your sleep and mornings. It features a personal sunrise alarm, bedtime signaling with soft colors, customizable color and brightness settings, a focused reading light, and calming breathwork cues. You can also pair it with the Loftie Clock for multisensory experiences.

Waking up gradually to light leaves you feeling refreshed, while winding down with red light signals your body to sleep. The lamp offers a gradual awakening with soft, gentle light, matching your rooms vibe with curated colors. Plus, it helps you create better sleep routines with  the Loftie Night School.

Experience the benefits of dawn simulation, personalized lighting, and red light therapy with the Loftie Smart Lamp for a healthier sleep routine.

Grab one directly from Loftie, or from Amazon

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Looking for that perfect gift for the Pulp Fiction fan in your life? Then look no further than these awesome 13” Talking Action Figures. Each figure is capable of speaking 7 phrases of profanity from the most memorable lines from Pulp Fiction, such as Vincent’s entire Royale With Cheese exchange. Each also features great facial detail, 14 points of articulation and character-specific accessories and clothing. watch the video below Available in Europe here...
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