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Lampster Robot Lamp

The Lampster is the coolest lamp ever! A Robo Lamp made out of old tractor and bike headlights. Designed by a young architect and an engineer, the desk lamp has an imposing superhero stance and has two light sources: a clear one, controlled by touch, and an RGB one controlled by an app on your mobile device that lets you change the color or intensity from anywhere in the room. You can even sync it to your music and it will flash to the beat! Measuring 18 inches, it is tall enough to provide light for the entire office, and large enough to be used as a headphone stand. The Lampster is also customizable, you can choose any color or style you want, even add your logo to it. Finally, a lamp with a personality and attitude! watch the video

Learn more from The Lampster, or pre-order now from Kickstarter

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Moody Aquarium Sink by Italbrass is unusual, for sure, but adds a eccentric touch for those who appreciate a unique design. The Aquarium Sink has a removable top, which facilitates cleaning and two circular entries for fish feeding. It features a large sink light and an engine is included for filtration, water circulation and oxygenation. ...
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Cabin One is a modular, flexible, minimal house for a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. Completely sustainable, with a solid wooden structure made from renewable raw materials, this minimalist cabin not only ensures a pleasant indoor climate, but is also particularly durable and recyclable. Each cabin consists of 25 square meters of flexible interior space that is customized by the client, and is produced as a full module, and delivered as a complete cabin by tr...
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As property prices continue to skyrocket, the trend for micro apartments is growing. But living in a itty bitty teeny tiny space can be a challenge. The BedShelfie was inspired by the magic of living with less, it features a clean, minimal design profile for versatility and a custom wire slot detail for easy device charging. BedShelfie is a sturdy, chic, affordable and portable mini-nightstand that easily attaches to bed frames with a clamp system. It is compact and...
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